Sunday, December 4, 2016

Addressing Low Proficient Learners - 5

The transaction process suggested in my previous post leads to the production of a narrative based on the sequence of pictures that depict the major events in the story. The activity is carried out involving the whole class ensuring inputs on the craft of constructing narratives with optimal features. Now we have to enrich these inputs by allowing students to work in small  groups and produce the next part of the story. The set of sequenced pictures and the teacher's version of the story are given below:

Part 2

The Hole

There was a hole on the ground.
The ostrich ran past the hole.


The ostrich came back to the hole.

The Ostrich’s Idea

‘I can save myself,’ said the ostrich.
And then he put his head into the hole.

The Scary Eyes

He saw a pair of eyes staring at him.
It was a pair of scary eyes.


The ostrich got scared again.
‘I must escape from here.’

The Snake

There was a snake inside the hole.
It put its head and neck outside the hole.

The Stone Again

But the snake could not come out from the hole.
A big stone fell down and covered the hole.

Where is the Ostrich?

The snake came out through another hole.
He looked for the ostrich.

The Chaser

He turned his head and saw the ostrich running away.
‘I will catch him.’ The snake put his tongue out and hissed. 

All the pictures in the second set are not given to the students; only three of them are displayed before the whole class. The remaining pictures are displayed at a later stage. Please go back to post No. 3 in the series once again to see the protocols followed for carrying out the group activity.

(To be continued.)

Dr KN Anandan

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