Monday, December 5, 2016

Addressing Low Proficient learners - 6

Part 3

We have been discussing how cartoon films can be fruitfully used to facilitate the language proficiency of learners at various levels of learning.We have already discussed the whole class activity followed by the group activity leading to the production of the first and the second parts of the story. Now we will move on to the next stage of classroom transaction, namely, completing the the story individually. The pictures and the teacher's version of the story are given below:

The Shelter

The ostrich reached near a tree.
‘No stone will fall on me now,’ said the ostrich.


Just then a huge stone ball fell near him.
The ostrich jumped up in fear.

Uphill Run

He reached at the bottom of a hill.
‘I will run up the hill,’ said the ostrich.

The Rolling Stone

Suddenly a stone ball came rolling down the hill.
The frightened ostrich jumped up.

The U-turn

The ostrich took a U- turn in the air.

 The Race

The ostrich ran as fast as he could down the hill.
The huge stone ball came rolling down after him.

A Heap of Stones

The ostrich reached near a heap of stones.
He turned his head.

The Stone Trap

A heavy stone ball hit and rolled over him
The heavy stones rolled around and trapped him.
Poor ostrich! He could not do anything.

The Rooster

The rooster came flying to the heap of stones.
He sat on one of the stones and called the elephant.

The Elephant

The elephant came near. 
He lifted the ostrich with his trunk.

The Swing

And he started swinging the ostrich.
‘Please, don’t throw me away,’ said the ostrich.

A Cruel Game

The elephant threw the ostrich like a stone ball using all his force.
The ostrich crash landed on the ground with his head down.
The elephant was playing a game.
What a cruel game!

(To be continued)

Dr KN Anandan

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