Monday, December 19, 2016

Addressing Low Proficient Learners – 9

Generating Parodies of Popular Songs (Continued)

As we have discussed in the previous two posts the pre-requisite for generating parodies of popular nursery rhymes and songs at the primary level is to generate them line by line with the help of a few interaction questions.  The modules are meant for children of classes 1 to 4. In the case of low proficient readers graphic reading takes place, which eventually glides over to genuine reading. Here reading alone is not targeted; the focus is on giving holistic (i.e., discourse level) input to learners so that they acquire language non-consciously. The process suggested can be extended to classes 5 to 8 as well if songs suitable to this level of learners are available. Before taking up a song for the higher levels of learners let us see how the same song (i.e., Five little babies ...) can be used in a different way in classes 3 to 8.

Module 5: Generating Parodies – Classes 3 to 8

Brainstorming on the video song
  • Play the video once and interact in the following lines.

          What is the song about?
          Who are the characters?
          What are the actions /events mentioned in the song?

Replacing the characters and Actions (Whole class Activity)

  • Generate a discussion as suggested  in the following lines.

          Shall we generate parodies for this song? What are the possible strategies?

  • Elicit and write the following on the chart.

         Changing the characters
         Changing the events / actions

  • Continue brainstorming.

          The central characters in the song that you listened to are five little babies;
          the event is, babies jumping on the bed.
          Let us change the central characters. What are your suggestions?

  • Elicit names of characters such as the following and write them on the left side of the board.
          Kitten; birdies; puppies; piggies;  parrots; rabbits;  etc.

          Now let us think of different events. What are your suggestions?

  • Elicit events and actions
         Climbing on a tree; flying in the sky; running down the hill; perching on a branch;                       playing with a carrot; etc.

          Now we can put these together to get the first two lines. Try with kitten.

  • Elicit the first line:
          Five little kitten climbing on a tree

          We need three more lines. What shall we do now? What happened to one kitten when it was                  climbing on a tree? What happened after that?

  • Elicit lines like the following:
          One fell down and broke its leg
          Mama called the doctor and the doctor said
          No little kitten climbing on the tree.

Replacing characters and events (Group activity)

  • Assign different characters, events and actions to groups. Let each group produce a parody of the song.
  • Let each group write their parody on a chart and illustrate it.
  • After each presentation elicit suggestions for refinement from the whole class.
  • Give feedback.
Generating parodies (Individual Activity)

  • Let students make their own choice of characters, events and actions and create similar parodies.
  • Tell them they can also think about human beings and events and actions related to them.

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